Dear Dr Wan Azizah

30 10 2009

By Ron CK Sim

(Post updated on 12th Nov 2009 with a recent online poll conducted on Art Harun’s blog)

PKR logoFollowing is my comment posted yesterday at 10.35pm on in response to the “Press Statement on Party Leadership” by PKR President, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail dated 29th October 2009 (click here).

However, it seems my comment has yet to be approved for publication (and I am less certain whether it will ever be). Hence, I am publishing it here in order to share my thoughts.

May the PKR’s leadership take the comment as a common view which I humbly believe is shared by many ordinary PR supporters these days.

Long live Ketuanan Rakyat!


Quote / Unquote:

Dear Dr Wan Azizah,

A timely press statement indeed. I praise your direct admission to the problems in PKR (instead of denial and blaming the media like YB Chua did yesterday). I also praise your clarion call asking for the Rakyat’s ongoing faith and patience in supporting the mission of PKR/PR. For me, you have been the source of strength and inspiration for many Malaysians, not only during the years YB Anwar was behind bars but even today.

I dare say I was and still am (albeit my confidence on YB Anwar has decreased in the recent past) a strong Anwar/PKR supporter since the early Reformasi days. I did a blog post (The Birth of Reformasi) on 2nd Sep 2009 just to prove my point.

But YB Anwar’s continuous INACTION (and continuous NON-RESPONSE) in the issue of a religious bigot called Zul Noordin (I can’t even bring myself to type a “YB” in front of his name), the rumours surrounding Zaid Ibrahim and Salehuddin Hashim, and the PKR leadership’s (read YB Anwar’s) decision in PKR Sabah, have collectively tarnished YB Anwar’s and PKR’s reputation among the Rakyat to the point of almost beyond repair. The fact that YB Anwar has lost the confidence (well, at least he has created massive displeasure) among prominent, right-minded bloggers such as RPK, Haris Ibrahim, Art Harun, Bennard Khoo (Zorro), etc (based on their recent blog posts) speaks volume.

My biggest concern is still about this Zul Noordin more than anything else. What has this guy got to be completely immune from ANY disciplinary actions after barging into the Bar Council’s Forum, calling for YB Eli Wong’s resignation, several twisted, extreme religious statements every now and then, and the last straw being in calling for amendments to the Federal Constitution to change the nation’s status from a secular to an Islamic state. What kind of nonsense is he propagating? This guy is downright SCARY to every right-minded thinking Malaysian, and even more SCARIER is the fact he IS from PKR. PKR’s inaction against him creates the unmistakably impression that his actions have been condoned all this while by YB Anwar and the PKR’s central leadership.

It pains me to have to point all these out in my comment here. Nevertheless, I will continue to support PR/PKR’s struggle towards a better and just Malaysia. The Rakyat will need to see more actions and deeds (not mere words, denials and protest letters to the new media) by PKR to showcase its undying commitment towards Ketuanan Rakyat, justice and fairness in our beloved land called Malaysia.

I wish both of you well, Dr Wan Azizah and YB Anwar.

Best Regards,
Ron CK Sim
London, UK


A recent online poll conducted on Art Harun’s blog on this infamous PKR man, Zulkifli Noordin, just to prove the point:

Should Zulkifli Noordin be immediately and permanently booted out of PKR?

  454 (93%)
  31 (6%)
Total votes: 485 (Poll closed)

~ Res Ipsa Loquitor ! (which means “The fact speaks for itself”)




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