About Us


We are a group of concerned and patriotic Malaysians who dare to dream of a prosperous and harmonious nation we can proudly call our home. We believe that each and every Malaysian irrespective of race, religion or social background should contribute in their own little ways to help create a Malaysia that is based on the universal principles of justice, equality and fairness.

We believe we are not alone in daring to live the Malaysian Dream



Ron Chee Keong SIM

My hometown: Klang, Selangor

My location: Singapore

My alma maters: Klang High School (90-92, 95-96); St Michael’s Institution, Ipoh (93-94)

My educational background: B.Eng (Hons); LL.B (Hons); Barrister-at-Law (Middle Temple)

My icons: Mohandas K. Gandhi; Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman; Lord Alfred Denning

My interests: English Law, Chinese History & Malaysian Politics; Travel & Nature; Soccer (AC Milan & Liverpool FC)

I treasure: my Family, my Friends & my Country



Saravanakumar Sambath

My hometown: Kapar, Selangor

My location: Ampang, Selangor

My alma mater: Klang High School (1990-95)

My educational background: B.Sc (Hons)

My icon: Albert Einstein

My interests: I love reading Health issues & Success stories. I enjoy the beauty of mother nature.


LEONG, Choon Keong

Hometown: Klang, Selangor

Location: Kuala Lumpur

School that cultivated my potential: Klang High School (1990-95)

Education: Life-long learner

Guiding quote in life: “Where there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time.”


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